The Chef

Paul -Martin

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Paul-Martin was already showing his culinary inclination at the age of 12, when he surprised his parents by opening his first restaurant. Bush Gardens was built out of old chicken boxes on an open lot across from his house. Paul cooked and served his parent’s friends with  the help of his brothers, sister and family friends. It lasted one day. By the age of 17, he had developed an unflagging passion for good food and knew that he wanted to study culinary arts.

Upon graduating in both International Cooking and Restaurant Management with a background in nutrition from Johnston and Wales University in Miami Florida, Paul-Martin completed his apprenticeship at the Chef and Apprentice in 1997. He started his career at a small catering company in Pembroke Pines Florida before heading north to join The Kitchen Brigade at Careens Wine and Cheese in Toronto Canada. During that time, he moved up the ranks, becoming head chef within a year.

Paul-Martin then moved to a beach property in the Bahamas and loved discovering new local flavours and products. In addition to his kitchen activities, he continued to share his knowledge with the guests via cooking demos. Chef Paul-Martin moved back to Jamaica where he got married and had his first child, who at the age of four showed an interest in cooking. Chef Paul-Martin opened The Healthy Chef Gourmet Meal Club in January 2016 offering healthy, portion controlled and great tasting food for busy people who want to eat healthly. The company has steadily grown, and now has over 15000 members across the island.
He is a true epicurean and loves to treat his friends to his new creations for feedback before introducing them on his menus. His culinary philosophy reflects the current trend towards healthier and natural nutrition. Working with farmers to seek the finest in regional and local organic produce is the essence of his cuisine.

At home, he enjoys cooking for his wife and children. They prepare the ingredients together in the kitchen and sample first-hand his inventive sometimes crazy dishes. At work, Paul-Martin excels through simplicity, presenting his members with dishes of exceptional quality. His style is described as both innovative and classical. Using French culinary principles as a foundation and adding the endless supply of regional ingredients, he creates dishes that are simple yet elegant letting the essence of the star ingredients shine through. He works to deconstruct recipes, reinventing them with the products presenting the freshness and most intense flavors.

Chef Paul-Williams sees a vision for Jamaica where we all live healthier and heal through great food.