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Eat Well Live Well

How Healthy Chef Works
We understand and believe that food is not just about sustenance but also about being enjoyed. No matter how much you exercise without a good diet you will never reach your true potential or goals.

So Sit Back – Relax – And Enjoy!

Our Meal Plan

Each meal plan offers a proper balance of the 4 major food groups, based on the canada food guide and american heart association. The healthy chef meal planning made simple and hassle free. Choose our fresh frozen meals and receive your meals.

Important Notice

New menus posted on Thursdays. Delivered free of charge on Saturday.

No preservatives – no chemicals – cooked fresh every Friday!

Just Tasty Home Cooking.

Meals are delivered frozen  in sealed packaging to retain maximum taste and freshness.  Our packaging allows you to keep food fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days or stay frozen for as long as you need. Just reheat and eat