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Chicken Penne Alfredo
PRODUCT DETAILS Inspired by the classic pasta dish, we've combined chicken and tender pasta in a rich,
creamy Alfredo sauce with Parmesan cheese - made for weight loss and packed with protein to keep you full. Jamaica stew chicken breast
PRODUCT DETAILS Seasoned chunks of chicken breast slow cooked down in rich chicken broth seasoned with all your fav Jamaican herbs and spices to create something you know and love. Served with rice and beans and baked plantain. Texas style smokey BBQ pulled beef.
PRODUCT DETAILS No need to get a ticket we are bringing Texas BBQ to you. Imagine homemade BBQ sauce smothered on our 3 hour slow cooked beef served with garlic corn and spice potato wedges. Holy Moly meat balls on fire.
PRODUCT DETAILS We have done it again. Taste buds get ready. Lean ground beef, mixed with Italian herbs and spices then braised in rich tomato sauce, served with perfect pasta and melted cheese; Baked Sausage with onions and apples
PRODUCT DETAILS Lose weight the delicious way—with smoked Italian pork sausage and a perfectly
Cooked onions and apples. It's a low-calorie, high-protein dinner that's packed with flavor! Roast Pork and mushrooms
PRODUCT DETAILS Pork tenderloin marinated for 5 hours then roasted with garlic,
onions and mushrooms served with sweet baked potato. Your mouth will water for more. Tia style steam white fish with sweet potato with mix veg**
PRODUCT DETAILS Steam fish fillet to perfection with Tia infused herbs and spices
with sweet potato and mix veg, sure to be your best meal ever. Spicy fish and lemon grass stew.
PRODUCT DETAILS White fish fillet poached in seasoned broth then finished with lemon grass.
The combo is amazing, served over pasta with a side of mix veg. Coconut Curry Shrimp PRODUCT DETAILS Classic Indian coconut curry dish, we've combined shrimp and with steam rice and mix veg, coconut curry sauce big on taste, packed with protein oh oh oh so good.. Shrimp scampi with pasta PRODUCT DETAILS Shrimp, pasta, vegetables, herbs and spices come together in a silky sauce One of those dishes you will fall in love with. Pumpkin ricotta steam rice PRODUCT DETAILS Packed with flavor, this dish is hi in energy low in fat and great for weight loss. You won’t miss the meat. MORE PLEASE 3 bean 5 alarm south American Chili (its spicy in all the right places) PRODUCT DETAILS This bowl of South American goodness will hit any spot. Combo of beans, onions, garlic corn, veg and herb and spices is so good you will never miss the meat.


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