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August 5th. 2022
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1.Chicken Fajitas


2.Cooked down chicken with steam rice and veg


 3.BBQ Pulled beef with garlic corn and potato wedges


4. Beef with mushroom sauce and vegetable bowl


5.Orange teriyaki pork tenderloin with egg noodles and mixed veg.


6.Apple baked pork with mashed potato and roasted vegetables.


7.Indian coconut curry fish with steam rice and mix vegetables


8.Sesame glazed fish with egg noodles and sauté veg.


9.Shrimp and vegetable stir fry with steam rice and Garlic veg


10.Texas grilled shrimp with mash potatoes and mix veg


11.Mexican 4 bean burrito


12. Coconut vegetable rundown


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